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The resources made available through this web page are provided as a public service by Legal Aid of North Carolina. They are intended for use by low- and moderate-income people who cannot afford to hire a private attorney. We hope that you will find them useful. 

Online Assistance from Legal Aid of North Carolina HelpLine

For some types of legal problems, Legal Aid of North Carolina's HelpLine provides one-on-one online assistance to eligible clients who have access to a computer with an Internet connection.  Special software allows the HelpLine staff person to view your screen while you work together to complete court forms.  Both you and the HelpLine staff person can control the mouse and type information on the form.  If the computer you are using doesn't have a mike and speakers, you will also need access to a telephone so that the HelpLine staff person can talk with you about the information needed to complete the forms.  You must be able to print documents and to save the documents to a disk file.  The disk file may be saved to the computer's hard drive or to an external drive such as a thumb or flash drive.   

If a HelpLine staff person has directed you to this site for one-on-one online help with court forms, please proceed to the next web page.   


Legal Aid of North Carolina has developed an online interview to help you understand the eviction process and, if you wish, to file an appeal from Small Claims to District Court. 

More information about eviction in North Carolina, 

custody and visitation:  clinics, online forms, and other resources

For North Carolina residents who wish to file in court for custody or visitation, Legal Aid of North Carolina has prepared a set of materials designed to help you file on your own without a lawyer.  To go to these resources, click on this link:  Filing for Custody or Visitation in North Carolina.  The materials include information about custody clinics offered by Legal Aid of North Carolina, a link to a 30-minute video on filing for custody, and a link to an online interview that uses a question-and-answer format to produce a set of court forms to print and file.

A slightly different set of court forms was created for people who attended a custody clinic offered by the Winston-Salem office of Legal Aid of North Carolina.  If you attended one of these clinics, these forms are still available and may be accessed by clicking on this link:  Optional Forms for Forsyth and Nearby Counties.  The materials described in the paragraph above are more extensive, and we encourage you to review them thoroughly even if you decide to use the Forsyth County area forms. 

other online self-help resources

Legal Aid of North Carolina will be adding additional online interviews on other topics in the near future.  In addition, a large collection of self-help forms and information is available now at the LawHelpNC website. 


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